“Emily Mathews is a smart, hard-working and dedicated colleague who serves as the Marketing Director of the Michigan Theater. The Michigan Theater is a complex marketing challenge. We typically show four or more different films every week. In addition to the extensive film program we present live video broadcast of international theater productions and a plethora of live-on-stage attractions that range from children’s theater to symphony concerts, punk rock to corporate meetings, University lecture programs to Broadway shows. We also produce a film festival for the Metropolitan Detroit area called Cinetopia and a national conference in Utah with the Sundance Film Festival for Independent theaters called the Art House Convergence. Emily, in less than a year as Marketing Director, has learned how to promote this fast moving and diverse range of events. Her talent, skills and dedication are outstanding. Her collegial spirit is deeply appreciated. As a result of her hard work to promote the Michigan Theater’s mission [to preserve, restore and operate the theater for the benefit of the community and the arts] she is playing a key role in allowing us to achieve our goal of being an outstanding organization as measured against the best cinema arts and historic theater institutions in the field. It is a pleasure and honor to work with Emily Mathews at the Michigan Theater.”

–Russ Collins, CEO/Executive Director at the Michigan Theater



“Emily is an incredibly responsive worker. She is conscientious and creative and has a great sense of humor. What a positive, effective, and just plain fun person to have around!”

–Nawal Motawi, Owner & President of Motawi Tileworks



“If you’re looking for someone who is positive and enthusiastic about work in general, you’re looking for Emily. If you require a partner who can effectively manage multiple priorities and tight deadlines and do so with outstanding leadership qualities, you will want Emily on your team. Emily has been a trusted partner of mine for a number of years and has demonstrated her own strength in problem solving, communication and team building among other things. Once I’m in a position to hire for my next company, Emily will be one of the first people I’ll be calling, so don’t wait too long to talk to her, or it will be too late.”

–Jeff Steinhauer, Training Manager at Pet Supplies Plus



“Working with Emily, you are first hit by her sparkling personality. Then she hits you with her whip-smart ideas, creative marketing initiatives, and remarkable grasp of her customer base. To top it all off, her incredible work ethic inspires greatness in both the people she manages, and the vendors she works with.”

–Elizabeth Whiting, National Account Manager at Scholastic



“Marketing is second nature for Emily. She makes it look easy. She is a very organized, thoughtful colleague. We’ve worked closely together on several initiatives, including launching a new website. I have been continually impressed with her work ethic and positive personality, even in the face of setbacks. She gets things done, either by herself or through effectively managing her reports, who adore her.”

–Barret Roebuck, Project Manager at Motawi Tileworks



“I have had the pleasure of having Emily work for me for much of her ten years at Borders. She is a huge asset to the company, managing her areas of responsibility with almost complete autonomy. Her rapport with her colleagues is excellent, and she is highly respected at all levels. She is totally committed to excellence and projects a can-do attitude. She gets the job (whatever it is!) done.”

–Candace Chapman, Director of Marketing at Commerce Guys



“Emily is a go-to contact for getting things done. She is an organized problem solver who consistently provides topnotch service. Her partnership has been invaluable to my team. I’ve been impressed with her ability to communicate clear, concise direction for complex tasks. Emily and her team react swiftly and effectively to troubleshoot challenges and address last minute changes in marketing strategy. I personally enjoy working with someone so positive, reliable and personable. She is a great partner.”

–Morgan Burns, Account Planner at Google



“I worked with Emily Mathews from 2006 to 2009 in her role as Kids Marketing Specialist at Borders. Of all the powerful, accurate adjectives I will use to describe Emily’s professional persona, ‘loyal’ and ‘dedicated’ come first to mind. She commits herself wholeheartedly, remains enthusiastic, never wavers, follows through and is a source of infinite reassurance to her organization, her team, her supervisor, her peers and her direct reports. In tough times or under pressure, these qualities are more valuable than capital and more important than strategy. A strong communicator with an easy smile and a warm personality, Emily is quick to build relationships and steadfast in their ongoing maintenance. I was continually impressed with the network of relationships she had built in the publishing community, a resource which regularly served to benefit the Kids merchandising team by saving money, delivering to deadline and insuring that our promotional vehicles had the highest quality content. Internally, Emily’s relationships and facile communications skills allowed our team to implement tactical and strategy change with speed and a precision envied by the rest of the organization.”

–Micha Hershman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Animation Mentor